There you go, Jaime.


posting this bc i love dainty tims wow


Was trying to find something to draw quick before bed, and I have a Ted Kord figure next to my computer.


So today Vivian and I went to One Million Comix to see Marcus To, but we also saw a bunch of other lovely people there. We hung out with Stinajy, and saw Penmouse and Coffeefrank there. (:

The bottom picture is of the sketches Marcus did for us. Stinajy got Tim, I got Steph, and Vikun got Ted. The commentary was done by his friend, and was hilarious.

It was really nice seeing him agian. He’s as nice as ever, and is really fun to talk to, and has a bunch of positive things to say.

Justice League Unlimited #43


Blue Beetle, by Marcio Takara


Blue Beetle Companion, by Tom Feister