I didn’t like Jigo’s character a lot because of how selfish he was but I really liked this quote of his. He may not of been doing the right things but he knew that the world was ending anyway. I’m not defending him for trying to kill the Forest Spirit, but I think that he saw it as: The world’s on a death track now, so what could be so bad if I speed it up a bit. Part of me thinks Miyazaki put this line in there to try and show that Jigo wasn’t that bad of a character (once again reenforcing ‘seeing with unclouded eyes’) he just didn’t see there being any good. 


Animation cels from Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime); 1997.

Miyazaki personally retouched, corrected, or redrew over 80,000 of the films 144,000+ animation cels.


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8 ghibli gifs: princess mononoke (mononoke-hime)