So I’ve had this Republic City rap battle comic sitting unfinished for about three months now and I’m sorry to say that’s the way it’ll remain. The verses are really what matters most though, so I’m sure it’s still worth a laugh even though half of it is sketches! 

I think this is my new favorite thing ever.

I think I would’ve liked this finale better. ~ZING~

I kid, I kid. This is pretty damn amusing, though.

This pretty much would have been better than the finale at this point, I almost feel xD;



Crossover LOLWUT

Green Lantern Korra and the Lantern Brothers. Spandex for everyone and JFDJJLKJLK I’m weird with painting non-flat. :U
But oh man if Mako, Bolin, Korra and the others were in this universe and story, imagine the dialogue and interaction FFFFFF

GLTAS crew as benders in Avatar universe. Everyone would get an Avatarverse name haha. I would think that instead of being an A.I., Aya would be an Earth Spirit (kind of like Haku from Spirited Away)? Then she takes a corporeal human form to help aid the benders? Razer would be a Fire Nation army deserter. Ahhh so much potential.

I just have too many feelings about both shows.

i wish to draw some Avatar!gltas crew

can I? :D


will be available as a print at anime north!

though i won’t be printing that many of this one! i hope that it sells at least haha

tracy and i will be at table E01 so come and see us on the weekend!!!!


best series by *drazebot

I haven’t reblogged Korra fanart in a while. I like this one, with Bolin and Mako wearing  some season 2 fashion (as shown at the SDCC panel earlier this summer)


The Sexual Frustration of Avatar Korra


Posters from the signing today! And look, older GAang!