Loki Instagram photobomb!!! 

I’ve been really excited to finally take this photo. :B



sonnelittle, you had asked me to draw young avengers kid loki (or journey into mystery) and tintin from the adventures of tintin. Sorry that I got around to doing your request so late. Family crises tend to postpone other things…

I’m not really pleased with this.

Ahfjdklshkfljdskfljk I love this!! Ohmy poor Tintin, is like “who’s this kid?” (and he look so handsome oh Godness)

Don’t worry and thank you very very much ;u;!!!

Journey Into Mystery #622


A Kid Loki (fast drawing) for Sassahare as a gratitude. Thank you!


its 2013 and people still see loki as misunderstood and sad

loki’s a dick

that’s his whole thing

he’s the norse god of mischief 

he’s basically the norse god of being an asshole


Cleaned and colored version of this thing… because my housemate is an enabler and wanted a print.

… aaand this is one of the new prints I’m taking to Anime iCon this weekend. 


Today I give you…


Lol. I have no idea how I came up with this, I just dreamt it.


Leah and Kid. Starting a new sketchbook with babies! <3


Marvel finally unveiled the cover of the very last Journey into Mystery cover.
My heart is literally broken. The journey has been magnificient for me. Thanks for supporting me. Hope to see you soon…