by far the most requested LOK ship in my ask, so I drew them having a sleepover as kids


after all the amazingness that happened at SDCC, i was ready to wind down with a drawing.

congrats on renewing 3 more seasons, korra team!!! was so happy to hear the news! (love the new costumes. i’m gonna have to draw all of them now :D)


There is no good reason why they shouldn’t be best friends.



My half of an art trade with secondlina with Korrasami!

I can’t help but think that Asami’s gotta tease Korra with all that height of hers and keeping things out of reach. xD

Thanks, this is good. Yes. Gooooood.

*evil plotting face*


Short/Tall Korrasami buddies! Ugh. I really wanted more of this!

…I mean, damn. I know this feel. Haha.

<3 Tall friends always comparing heights.


Here’s to testing new waters.


I thought about making Mako Hercules.

But come on.

We all know who is actually Hercules. 


“Hey Sato, sorry for calling you a prissy mama’s boy. You’re actually pretty cool.”