or running for their lives I’M SO SORYRY ARISTY 


In which Bart is always a total cutie~

[Flash #189]

(x) DC Families

flash family

Bart: Haha! See what I did there with the “run”?


[The Flash #159]

Bart, I…


Why can’t we just keep all of them?

The Flash Rebirth #5





You gotta love that the ENTIRE group of speedsters had to crowd into Piper’s laboratory. That’s just how loved he was.

He’s an unofficial member of the extended Flash Family, when he’s good.

Dear DC, This is what makes the Flash Family fabulous and different from a bunch of your other legacy families in it’s own unique way.

(Personal opinion warning.) The bat family is primarily angst, vengeance, and a very personal possibly very skewed concept of justice that they enforce. They’re bound together (particularly this speaks for the boys) out of need, grief, and a desire to “fix” the world. The Wonder Ladies are about this set of individual fabulous ladies being strong and fabulous either together or apart. They are united under the strength of truth and justice. The S-shields are about the inherent good in the core of humanity that was embraced even by aliens. The human ideal, personified in the last vestiges of an alien race. The Lanterns are the army—the Corp. Their strength comes from personal places, but they’re more police/military force than anything else. A collection of strong individuals that are united to enforce the law. And there is nothing bad about those. I enjoy those legacies. But I’m primarily a Flash Family Fan.

The Flash Family is a family first and foremost. They argue with and love each other through thick and thin. They’re about love, happiness, and a familial bond before justice, vengeance, or strength. They’re in superheroics because they have the curiosity and intelligence to do the detective work, power and a desire to do right with that power and/or to follow in the footsteps of that family. When you add angst, when you make it all about a single member of the family, you’re losing where the real strength of the Flash legacy lies. The family.

Family is for losers who didn’t read comics when DiDio was 10 years old.

*sigh* At least people writing for shows like Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Young Justice (I saw that speedsters!voice actors picture!) seem to know that even with Barry you still have to have a family. (but even there it’s just so tiny compared to pictures like the one above. :()