There’s nothing wrong with being scared Norman, as long as you don’t let it change who you are






Srsly you guys, Princess Tutu is one of the most underrated classics in anime and honestly I don’t know why Tumblr doesn’t freak out about it more.  The main character is a quirky outcast.  The prince character that she’s trying to save is a COMPLETE damsel that can’t defend himself in the slightest without the girls to step in (and might I add the men ALSO do ballet in this show and not some more masculine appearing alternative).  Her enemy/rival has a fantastically sweet and sad arc.  The guy antagonist is equally sad and awesome.  The plot twists and turns all over the place (it starts off pretty episodic but really kicks into gear after the fourth episode I think).  The art is gorgeous, ranging from greys to pastels.  The outfits are based on REAL ballet outfits, aka they’re NOT meant to objectify the characters and make them perfect for pinups.  And it’s based entirely on Germanic fairy tales, even the on screen text is in German.

Seriously guys, if you’ve never given this anime a watch, PLEASE do yourself a favor and do it!

Did I mention the main magical girl is actually a duck? Because she’s a duck.

If you guys haven’t seen Princess Tutu I honestly don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life.

Fantastic character development, classical ballet scores used in every episode (and tie into the plot of each), English and Japanese dubs are incredibly moving… This has been one of my all-time favorite series since the days when we didn’t even know if the second half of the show was going to be licensed and Princess Tutu fans only had a hope. That has to be about 10 years now. I recommend this series to anyone who loves a story.

I love this show so much, I recommend it to everybody I can. Don’t be fooled by it’s cutesy demeanor. IT WILL TAKE YOUR HEART AND STEP ON IT IN THE BEST WAYS POSSIBLE. :)

I love all the characters in this show so very very much.


You’ll cry for my sake?


I didn’t like Jigo’s character a lot because of how selfish he was but I really liked this quote of his. He may not of been doing the right things but he knew that the world was ending anyway. I’m not defending him for trying to kill the Forest Spirit, but I think that he saw it as: The world’s on a death track now, so what could be so bad if I speed it up a bit. Part of me thinks Miyazaki put this line in there to try and show that Jigo wasn’t that bad of a character (once again reenforcing ‘seeing with unclouded eyes’) he just didn’t see there being any good. 

'Sophie! You're beautiful!' | Howl's Moving Castle (2004)

You think just because there’s bad people that there’s no good ones either? I thought the same thing for a while. But there’s always someone out there for you.