It’s doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Based on coffeefrank’s beautiful designs.

Now I go to sleep.


I bet Lin loved the details.

The bloodier, the better.


The memories this brings

I had to use the swan lake reference for the pose because I know nothing about ballet positions :P


damn you Razer and your armour


I think I never posted this one in Tumblr.

Dickhugs for everybody.

I should add Alfred at the end. 


Stephanie Brown: Time Travel Detective!


An idea I had a couple of weeks ago. After too much chocolate.

Only chocolate, I swear.

I did another version that includes Beryl, but I liked this version better.


This started as an original character. One of my co-workers added the Thor helmet and I couldn’t resist. I think I’m gonna do the rest of the Avengers as little girls.

Texture from bittbox