‘Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake’ Comic Miniseries Coming in January from Boom! Studios

How great is this going to be? Comics Alliance is making the official announcement “Boom! Studios is launching a fully gender-swapped Adventure Time With Fionna & Cake six-issue miniseries.” The best part? Issue #1 is being written and illustrated by the show’s very own Natasha Allegri. If you can stand the three-month wait you’re a better person than any of us is.

Cover artwork by JAB

“Women read comics. Anyone at all engaged in social media knows this. Women read comics and are a driving force behind fandom. I think I could call them the driving force behind fandom and put up a convincing argument. Just think about it: what fandoms have driven America crazy in the last decade? Could anyone dissuade me from saying that they were Harry Potter, Twilight and the Hunger Games? “Avatar” may have put butts in theater seats, but you don’t hear about it… ever. No one is immersed in the world of “Avatar” except James Cameron and people who enjoy wearing Na’vi Zentai suits. “The Avengers” was pretty darn huge and, if Tumblr is any indication, a whopping portion of the people driving that fandom online do not possess a Y chromosome. Women engage in fandom to levels that men do not. When women get behind something, their sheer numbers and passion force it into the mainstream. That’s why you can name the actor who plays that werewolf kid in “Twilight” and probably sing at least the chorus to one Justin Bieber song. What do tween boys like? I have no clue. Sports? Probably sports.”


Brett White, Comic Book Resources (via wandrinparakeet)

and yet men remain the most marketed demographic for just about everything.

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I’m pretty sure the only men who spend more time thinking about DC than women on Tumblr are the men who actually work there.

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And even then the men who work at DC probably don’t spend much time thinking about DC, because if they did the reboot wouldn’t be as shitty as it is.

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why do i keep reading this comic

srsly why

why do all my favorite characters die







The three grandchildren of the Flash (Barry Allen).

Bart, Jenni, and Owen FTW! <3

WAIT. *Goes to research Owen*…

How the heck did I miss that?! Captain Boomerang…well I never. I love how the Flash’s have (literally, apparently. xD;) such close connections to the Rogues. This is crazy-cakes. Redtha, you are fantastic for giving me new comic knowledge. <3

Also this art is just awesome. And I want Jenni’s boots.