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a-sketch-a-day 20121024. Querl Dox, Tinya Wazzo (Legion Of Super-Heroes)

Casual Friday?


Supergirl #52 by Joshua Middleton


this is saved as brainy_heroicsupervillain.png on my computer. in case you cared.



Why so adorable, Brainy?

 How many fantasies do you suppose Brainy is having at the moment? I mean, he has a huge mega crush on Supergirl, and a huge mega crush on Superman, and based on his expression, I am imagining that he is using that 12th level intelligence and putting two and two together, you know what I mean?


Man, I had forgotten how great this issue was.


“Those vibrations, unfortunately, can be generated only by XS and Koko Here.”

“My name is Kid Flash now. Koko was what you called your monkey.”



“You’re Kid Flash now, aren’t you? The costume—”


“Your father would’ve loved to see this.”

“Take care of yourself, Mom! And don’t forget me.”

“No one will ever forget…The Flash.”

[Teen Titans-Legion Special: Titans of Tomorrow]

Bart! My cute little adorable sweetie. (And we can see he got his hair from his Mom…although it went a much lighter red as he got older, presumably like his father’s.)

I’ve been avoiding anything by Lobdell, including his TT, (hell, during this time apart from Kory, Raven, BB and Cyborg naturally as carry-overs from NTT, and Bart. I wasn’t interested in the other members, [for some reason Timothy was a jerk around his friends…and not so with Bruce or Dick.[) so I’m glad I have the memory of my cutie as he was. Not interested DC.


OOC//: Tried doing an expression meme. I never end up finishing these things so I’m just posting what I do finish. I made the dominant/submissive ones in to dominant/submissive social situations, because I’m not good with sexual stuff, and I turned them in to scenes from RP because I can. Woo!

I hate that these come out looking like crap no matter what layout I choose to put them in. T-T You’ll have to click them to actually see them proper.