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Legends of the DC Universe #10 & #11 covers by Kevin Nowlan



my hoodies - cassandra cain (batgirl)


with my adorable kairi as a model *u* i wanted to experiment a bit with the hood/collar shape and this is the effect 8D i really like how it came out and i think i’m gonna try it with some other designs too~ the sleeve cut was len’s idea which i loved, it’s was a great excuse to add a little more of yellow to this hoodie ♥ you can barely see it here but the pockets are yellow inside too ORZ

Anyone interested in a Cass cain hoodie? You found the right place here :) 


wombatking answered: Your Cass drawing was amazing so…Cassandra Cain and Steph Brown!

Batfamily! I really need to start reading comics again because I can’t even remember if they’re both alive in the current continuity.

DC Meme - 7 Outfits

7/7: Cassandra Cain’s Batgirl Uniform