"It’s just as terrifically bad as way back when."

"Makes getting the kids to nap look like a cinch, hmm?"


A proper vacation on Ember Island with the family.


I’m up early putting the last pieces in place for my lecture at RISD (tonight, 10/14/13 at 7:00 in the Main Auditorium) and I came across this forgotten gem that I inked in 2007. I always imagined Mai kept giving the royal portrait artist the same note, over and over: “More black.”


(Contains both Animated Series, Comics and Extras; To be updated as needed)
Book 1 - Water: The Boy in the IcebergThe Avatar ReturnsThe Southern Air TempleThe Warriors of KyoshiThe King of Omashu ImprisionedWinter Solstice Part 1 - The Spirit World ⋅ Winter Solstice Part 2 - Avatar RokuThe Waterbending ScrollJetThe Great DivideThe StormThe Blue Spirit The FortunetellerBato of the Water TribeThe Deserter The Northern Air TempleThe Waterbending MasterThe Siege of the North - Part 1The Siege of the North - Part 2

Book 2 - Earth: The Avatar StateThe Cave of Two LoversReturn to Omashu The SwampAvatar Day The Blind BanditZuko AloneThe ChaseBitter WorkThe Library The DesertJourney to Ba Sing Se, Part 1 - The Serpent’s PassJourney to Ba Sing Se, Part 2 - The DrillCity of Walls and SecretsThe Tales of Ba Sing Se Appa’s Lost DaysLake Laogai The Earth King The Guru The Crossroads of Destiny

Book 3 - Fire: The AwakeningThe HeadbandThe Painted Lady Sokka’s MasterThe BeachThe Avatar and the FirelordThe RunawayThe PuppetmasterNightmares and DaydreamsThe Day of Black Sun Part 1 - The InvasionThe Day of Black Sun Part 2 - The EclipseThe Western Air Temple The Firebending MastersThe Boiling Rock, Part 1The Boiling Rock, Part 2The Southern RaidersThe Ember Island Players Sozin’s Comet, Part 1 - The Phoenix KingSozin’s Comet, Part 2 - The Old MastersSozin’s Comet, Part 3 - Into the InfernoSozin’s Comet, Part 4 - Avatar Aang

Extras: Un-Aired PilotChibi Short - Swamp Skiin’ ThrowdownChibi Short - School Time Shipping Chibi Short - Bending Battle Animated Graphic Novel - Escape from the Spirit World 40.5

Comics: (Read these after watching the first series; You will also need to download ComicRack in order to read them) The Promise (Issues 1-3) ⋅ The Search (Issues 1-2)

The Legend of Korra: Book 1 - Air: Welcome to Republic City + A Leaf in the WindThe RevelationThe Voice in the NightThe Spirit of CompetitionAnd the Winner Is…The AftermathWhen Extremes MeetOut of the PastTurning the TidesSkeletons in the ClosetEndgame

Legend of Korra: Book 2 - Spirits: Rebel Spirit 
⋅ The Southern Lights Civil Wars Pt. 1 Civil Wars Pt. 2
Everything is up to date, in 720p, and logoless. I will update the post as new episodes of The Legend of Korra air. I’ve also included download links to all of the comics that have been released. I will also update them as soon as the new issues are scanalated. Enjoy!

which avatar is your favorite? (besides aang and korra) c:


Although I think Roku has one of the most fascinating (and heartbreaking) backstories, I have an even greater interest in the moral standpoint and actions of Kyoshi. 

She’s the most headstrong, abrupt and arguably hottest of all the Avatar’s we know so far. She has a consequentialist view of justice which was really fascinating when pitted against Aang’s deontological approach. She created the Dai Li, a ruthless group with an awesome fashion sense, but which of course had unintended consequences. She created a motherfucking separate island and indirectly killed a war mongering bastard in the process. She was without a doubt the most badass granny to ever exist seeing as she lived to 230, becoming the oldest ever Avatar. 

You go Kyoshi, your eyeshadow is on point as are your dramatic entrances.