The most fabulous of jerks ^_~


KON & TIM & KAL - Justice Lords ver.:D (2011) 


Bat bros. 

They’re all i can draw lately sorry.



My Tim Drake meta usually doesn’t get much beyond “once upon a time, a nice boy gave him a hug” and this is the actual saddest origin story because dead parents and criminal dads and all that are still fundamentally about the kids in question making choices, about resolving to be the thing that saves other kids from feeling like they feel.

But “once upon a time, a nice boy gave him a hug” is the story of a kid who was so lonely, so sad, that he obsessively watched and learned every secret of that bright, generous body that had once hugged him, to the point where the kid could see through an otherwise secret identity just through familiar body language. 

Every batkid becomes a batkid because they had nowhere else to go, but Tim was the only one who knew in advance that it was going to be the only place that felt like home. 


I swear this made me tear up a little both because his origin story is what it is, and because I miss Tim—my Timmy—so much, i feel like he’s been gone since… IDK Willingham, with a short reappearance during Yost Red Robin, and then suddenly Olympic athlete with proud parents whose real name isn’t even Tim Drake.


Hoy viene una amiga de visita al Cuartel General y todo será alegría.

(los pinta Olga Ulanova)


The smell of grease-fried burgers and the  copper tang of blood mixed together really doesn’t do much for the appetite. I feel like a piece of lamb waiting to be skewered, staring directly at the butcher from the plate. If it weren’t for “Bring Your Own Mug for a Free Pot of Coffee” Monday, I wouldn’t be here right now. 

Not with that chili-dog-eating Devil.  

Hate is a strong word, but mild discomfort describes my feelings right now pretty well.

(Maybe with an undertone of hate on his part.)

One thing that helps the stares we keep getting from the cooks, the waitress, and all the other midnight patrons, is pretending they’re looking at us because we’re handsome.


Two blood-covered teen vigilantes staring daggers into each others eyes, taking a break from fighting (possibly one another) to grab a bite to eat.

Absolutely Charming. 

One thing is for certain; service in Gotham is extraordinary.


Did some color correction on of my old pictures.