Here, have some Robins.


Robin by Chris Samnee

This dude draws everything right.


Dazzling DC Ladies month!

Carrie Kelley/Robin

The youngest Girl that I’ll be doing for ddclm, however I decided to do her because she is one of my favourite members of the batfam

Carrie Kelley was a thirteen year old schoolgirl and girl scout who was attacked by muggers one night, but was saved by the recently returned and grizzled elder Batman on his first night out of retirement. soon she would spend her lunch money on a Robin costume and hunted down some petty con-men to find Batman again, using a slingshot loaded with firecrackers as weapons.




Characters: Batman & Robin

Series: DC Comics

This cosplay is everything. That Robin looks like she could take down Batman’s rouges on her own. She’s my new favorite superhero.



"robin is unrealistic!"

because a dude dressing up as a bat to fight crime is like

documentary level realness

Not to mention

bat dude’s best friends are an alien and a goddess, he regularly visits the moon, knows a bunch of sorcerers, he fought vampires, werewolves, Cthulhu, went to hell, took a trip through time, is haunted by a bat-demon, and a bunch of other commonplace everyday things.

But Robin is just way out there.


Hoy viene una amiga de visita al Cuartel General y todo será alegría.

(los pinta Olga Ulanova)


Sábado naciente. Nuestro héroe inicia la jornada con su característico y probado dinamismo.

(lo pinta Cathleen Hsu)

Dick in Batman: Black and White #1