booster gold for best scribblenauts character


stupid sexy booster

Justice League Unlimited #43



Went to meet Marcus To today! He’s so nice and a pleasure to talk to ; v ;

He also drew me Booster Gold and for Jenny, Tim and Kon

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!

You are a hero to the people for commissioning this.


Rip is still inside

brewing the world’s largest pot of coffee and booze

… for himself, mostly. He doesn’t want to have to listen to how much Booster complains later about how boring and dull it was.

meanwhile little Jaime is just excited he gets to see a fuckton of snow fall instead of a bloody desert and sudden appearing snow overnight

Hipsters in the DCU
Person 1: Who's your favorite superhero?
Person 2: Booster Gold. You've probably never heard of him.