they’re just fictional characters I screamed as I reached into my chest, pulled my heart out and flung it out a window

That awkward moment when you wanna grab him, hug him tight and tell him everything’s going to be just fine. But you can’t. Because he’s fictional.




The three grandchildren of the Flash (Barry Allen).

Bart, Jenni, and Owen FTW! <3

WAIT. *Goes to research Owen*…

How the heck did I miss that?! Captain Boomerang…well I never. I love how the Flash’s have (literally, apparently. xD;) such close connections to the Rogues. This is crazy-cakes. Redtha, you are fantastic for giving me new comic knowledge. <3

Also this art is just awesome. And I want Jenni’s boots.


This picture takes place right after that one

Bart: Nelle..? Nelle, why are you crying?
Nelle: *falls on her knees* *grabs Tims leg*
Tim: Hh … 
Bart: Nelle …
Nelle: I am not strong enough -
Tim: Kon-Elle … *touches her hair*
Bart: *touches her shoulder*



I gotta run.”

Razzda as Impulse.

i dont even recognize myself

ew what is that face

either way ctcon was so cool those hipster kids who dress up as polar bears in Antarctica and sit on icebergs trying to make a point don’t even got shit on us